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Loyalize your customers with point-based loyalty programs and instant rewards

Neuromarketing research has proved that if someone receives a gift, they almost feel like they are in debt. This way you will create customer loyalty, without them realizing it.

This is what all loyalty programs leverage: rewards in exchange for loyalty.
So, why not include something like that in your shop as well? It is easy with YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards, a plugin developed expressly to manage point collections to loyalize your customers.

For each purchase, for each action in your shop, they will collect points that, summed together, will turn into a discount on a new purchase.

But for those customers for whom it is almost impossible to reach even the first reward (so, those on which point-based programs have no effect), instant rewarding is the best choice: the immediate gratification that, right because not required, is much more efficient in instilling a positive attitude towards you in customers’ mind, even in a totally unconscious way.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: if you were offered a 50% discount on any item in exchange for your registration in a technology shop, wouldn’t you feel to purchase something?



Reward loyal customers with points and discounts on new purchases

They will be encouraged to prefer your shop rather than others

Redeem points in cart

Override points awarded by category or product or

Set restrictions according to the number of items in the cart

Points by category

Apply different rules based on user roles

Setting different numbers of points awarded or needed to redeem discounts for each of the WordPress roles available in your shop

Reward rules by user role

Limit the points awarding system only to some users

And enable only some user roles to earn and/or redeem points

Restrictions by user role

Increase or decrease the user’s points balance manually

From the backend including a description to grant transparency

Update points with description from the backend

Enable shop managers to edit users’ points

So they can help you handle the program without having admin capabilities

Shop managers to edit points

Assign points to simple and variable products

From the product editing page and override the general settings

Points on a product basis

Assign points only when the order gets a specific status: Order completed, Payment completed, Order processing

And make sure points are always given at the right moment

Order status for awarding points

Set an expiry date for points

And encourage your users to keep purchasing if they do not want to lose their reward

Points expiration date

Notify users every time their points balance changes and before their points expire

Keep them always updated and avoid they miss their rewards


Remove points for refunded or cancelled orders

Or choose to leave those points in any case

Remove points on refunds

Assign extra points for targets achieved

Registration, reviews, spend amount, number of points, number of orders and birthday

Points by target achieved

Reward loyal customers

And award them points also for orders placed before you started your points program

Apply points to previous orders

Customise all labels for your users

Simply from the plugin option panel

Points labels

Provide precious information about points and rewards on the product page, in cart and checkout

Encourage users to spend a bit more to achieve the nearest target

Points info on product page, cart and checkout

Show the number of points provided by each product

And view the information on all the archive pages

Points on Shop page

Let your users always access their points information

From a dedicated section on “My account” page

Points in My Account

Show logged-in users their current points balance

And show admin users with most points with 2 useful widgets


Choose between fixed or percentage discount

Whenever your users redeem their points

Fixed or percent discount

Reset points

Of all your users or just some of them

Enable free shipping also for those who purchase using their points

And make all your users happy

Free shipping

Let users check their points in the ‘My points’ menu

Through the dedicated link on the ‘My account’ page, users can see the status of their points

My points


To all users in order to allow them to access their actions detail

Points history

Multi-currency support

Whatever the currency, always give the right points reward

Multi currency support

Import or export points from or to a CSV file

Whatever the reason why you’re switching, your customers will never lose a point

Import and export


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